Shopping in Srinagar

The city of Srinagar is a beautiful place and is renowned for its landscapes and scenic beauty. Another very important attraction of Srinagar is its shopping circuit that has many local market places. There are a few specialties that one can look for in Srinagar like the Shawls and local crafts etc. There are a number of market places in Srinagar that one can explore during one's visit to Srinagar.

Shopping in Srinagar

Shopping Specialties of Srinagar

There are a number of local specialties that are very unique to Srinagar. Some of the items that can serve as great souvenirs to take back home are dry fruits like walnuts, raisins, cashews etc. Other pieces of handicrafts like bags, wooden jewellery boxes, local made jewellery, shoes, salwar suits, dress materials, Pashmina Shawls etc. The city of Srinagar has a lot to offer to art lovers as well. The local Kashmiri paintings is of great value and great artistry is at display in the emporiums that house these paintings.

Shopping Specialties in Srinagar
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Shopping Areas in Srinagar

Some of the best shopping destinations in Srinagar are Lal Chowk, Residency Road, Badshah Chowk, Polo View market and many others. There are also many Government Emporiums in Srinagar where one can get souvenirs from Srinagar at very reasonable rate.

The Kashmir Government Arts Emporium in Srinagar is the ideal place to shop for some stunning local handicrafts and artifacts. Things like hand bags, lamp shades, flower vases and garments are found in abundance in this emporium and you can get some of these at very economical rates. These could serve as great souvenirs for you to take them back home as a memoir of your visit to Srinagar.

The floating vegetable market in Dal Lake is a place to experience and visit for sure. There are other shops that sells things of daily use on houseboats and shikharas.

Shopping Areas in Srinagar
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The Polo View Market is also one of the most popular market where you could get exquisite local and hand made crafts and other items like shoes and garments. Whether it is different kinds of decorative items or show pieces or shawls, you can find everything in this market. Jamawars or Pashmina Shawls and wooden jewellery boxes will captivate the attention of the shopping enthusiasts here.

The market place named Badshah Chowk is a place that should be visited for sure if you are looking for great designer carpets and the famous Pashmina Shawls. These shawls and carpets have very unique designs and patterns. The salwar suits available here have very rich embroidery and intricate designs.

If you are looking for some quality walnuts and other dry fruits like raisins, cashews, dates, and other spices like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cardamom etc. then you should definitely visit the market area in Residency Road.

Lal Chowk is a place that provides a lot of options to shoppers. Authentic handicrafts made of walnut wood, jewellery boxes, Pashmina Shawls, different kinds of jewellery, dress materials, shoes, furniture, photo frames, bowls and utensils etc. are some of the major attractions for shopping lovers that are found in this market area.

Therefore, there are a number of options for shopping lovers in Srinagar and with the right bargaining and negotiation skills, one can strike a good deal for the local specialties of Srinagar.
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